We are a family winery located Fuenmayor (La Rioja). We combined our passion for wine and things well done. To achive this we work keeping the control and knowledge from the vineyard to the winery.

1983 Founding of the winery

Marketing of crianza wines begins

Arquitects work to design the new facility innovative malolactic fermentation room located below ground also for aging four our Gran Reserva wine will be produced

Beginning of construction and expansión of our processing plant

Our winery has two brands of wine for the Young and crianza Viña Zearra.
Reserva and Gran reserva wines Marquez de Zearra.

Our main objetive is to achive máximum customer satisfaction by applying
high quality criteria from the control of the vineyard of our winegrower at
each stage of grape production starting with prunning to the harvesting of
the grapes.

We fell fortunate and the same time responsible for ensuring that our wines
represen tour philosophy of family winery giving equal importance to both
our suppliers and our customer.

Each customer is part of our misión as a family winery for this reason we
seek that your order whether small or large is delivered the same
day,because we like that you can enjoy our wines immediately.

We also make special orders for companies, personalized bottles for birdhays
and anniversaries we even deliver them for you

Bodegas Petralanda

Elaboration Process

The initial idea of achieving high quality wines is now consolidated and
reinforced by the philosophy of Iñaki Petrolanda, who does not hesitate to
incorpórate the neccesary technology to achieve the highest quality in his

Winery Petrolanda has a room with stainless stell tank, where we carry out
the alcoholic fermentations equipped with modern temperatura systems that
allow us to control the temperatura from the beginning of the fermentation

All of our wine production is made in our own facilities.

We make make wines from the highest quality fruit harvested in the
vineyards of the Fuenmayor área (Rioja Alavesa). Our white, rose and red
wines are born from this selection of plots.
Plots whith characteristics that represent the typicity and value of the terroir
will give rise to our Reserva and Gran reserva wines.

La Crianza

In Petrolanda winery we are not in a hurry then our wines begin to ageing
process to remain barrels until the time to get their characteristic bouquet.

Our cellar barrels is underground where tailored ageing takes placeswith the
best condition temperature nad humity to respect the grape variety and